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Supercard DSTwo Plus

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DSTwo Plus Main Features:
1. 3DS game support.(Depend on 3DS ver.)
2. Upgradable firmware support new 3DS version in the future
3. Full DSTwo function
4. Exclusive 3DS , DS , GBA, Snes 4in1 games support
5. RealTime Function: Real Time Save, Real Time Game Guide & Real Time Cheat
6. Multi Save(up to 4 slot), Easy to backup and restore saves.
7. Multipel language
8. Action Slow Motion (4 levels)
9. Exclusive powerful free cheat system

DSTWO PLUS features a powerful onboard CPU along with 32MB of RAM, which allows for GBA and SNES support, along with other amazing real-time features you won’t want to miss. And they’re all accessible during normal gameplay. Compared to DSTWO, DSTWO PLUS has 4x the Flash and 2x the CPLD power. It all began with the DSTWO, but PLUS is to go even further beyond. Dstwo Plus will support new 3DS versions through an upgradable firmware feature.

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