Kacosata Mini HDMI adapter

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Product Description

SWITCH Portable HDMI  huB  Adapter
Mini portable from small to large screen at any time & any where

Mini Portable Easy taking
Same function as original DOCK
Support 5.02 official system
Supports multiple power suppliers

Mini portable HDMI Adapter

Apply to Switch console
Support high-definition large-screen output
Support third-party charger

From small to large screen anytime, anywhere
Same function as original base

Mini Portable HDMI Adapter
Same as the official original base, it supports up to 1080p HD output, up to 60FPS.
When using original and more than 45w charger, it supports PD protocol for quick charging, but other power supply is ordinary power supply mode.
This product is used with advanced thick core wire to ensure that the power supply reduces heat, and there is no delay in HD output.
USB ports are reserved. You can also connect external controllers, external wired network cards, and other peripheral devices to expand the gaming experience.